Ouro Team

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Every piece of jewelry and every person is unique.
From this point of view, we approach all our assignments, whether it is the design of a modern or romantic piece of jewellery, unique wedding rings or a commemorative piece of jewellery: your taste and style are central.
In our open workshop store you have direct contact with the goldsmiths and you can benefit from their years of experience in repairing, designing or adjusting your jewelry.

Happy to see you in the store,
Karin, Philippine & Tamara

Who we are

Designing new jewelry, editing existing jewelry and melting old gold into a new piece of jewelry.
That is the ‘circle of life’ for Karin Schilder and Ouro goldsmiths. Or rather the circle of work. Karin was trained as a goldsmith in Schoonhoven. In 2010 she started a goldsmith shop in the centre of Roosendaal. In this way, she was able to present her own designs better. This turned out to be a golden move, because 7 years later Karin moved with her goldsmith shop to a larger building on the Raadhuisstraat 27-29

In addition to a larger building, her staff list also received an upgrade. Philippine and Tamara are now unaccountable and together with Karin form the faces of the store. All three very creative ladies who like to work on their hands.

Ouro goldsmiths sells jewelry from exclusive designers such as Jörg Heinz, Niessing and Cardillac. For the recognition there are also brands like Jacob Jensen and Rolf Cremer to be found in the store. In addition, Ouro also presents its own designs by one of the three ladies. For example, there is something for everyone, regardless of your wishes or budget.

So feel free to walk by for a quick check of your jewelry, a design for a new piece of jewelry or just come and take a look at the beautiful collection. The coffee is always ready and Karin, Tamara and Philippine, by the way.