Ouro goldsmiths Privacy Statement

Here you can find the privacy statement of Ouro goldsmiths
It describes how we deal with your personal
data collected by Ouro goldsmiths

00. Introduction

In this privacy statement you can read all about how your personal data is collected and how it is handled.
This explains where your data is stored and for what purposes your data is stored.
In addition, you will also find all your rights regarding your data and how you can use those rights.
The privacy statement will sometimes be changed by, for example, legislative changes. It is therefore advisable to consult the statement periodically.

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Karin Schilder, Goldsmith Ouro

01. Ouro goldsmiths

You are currently reading the privacy statement of Ouro goldsmiths.

Ouro is a goldsmith store/jeweler where you can go for jewelry design, wedding rings, repairs, commemorative jewelry and jewelry metamorphoses.
In addition, we offer in the store and webshop OuroJewels.com, a collection of jewelry and watches.

There are situations where your data is collected by Ouro goldsmiths. It is therefore good that you know what is being done and how you can indicate your wishes around your data. That’s what this statement is about.

If you are not comfortable with the use of your data by Ouro goldsmiths, please contact us!

info@ouro.nl | 0165 87 00 17
Raadhuisstraat 27-29 | 4701 HP | Roosendaal
Vatnr.: NL8555268347B01 | Chamber of commerce: 63511746

02. Target data

Personal data is collected by Ouro goldsmiths for a number of purposes. These are explained below.

01. Sending newsletters

Ouro goldsmiths does not currently send newsletters via e-mail.
Should newsletters be sent in the future, they will be commercial and on the other hand aimed at knowledge sharing. Your name and email address will be collected via the appropriate form on the Website of Ouro goldsmiths or OuroJewels. In addition, you may be asked orally or textually to sign up. Opt-out of future newsletters can be done via the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or an email to info@ouro.nl

02. Contact details

Your data will be collected if you contact Ouro goldsmiths via the websites. However, this form only asks for the necessary information to offer a proposal or service, such as your name, email address and description.

In the store and webshop, this data, including address and telephone number, will be used to contact us about the progress of assignment, repair, order or about the warranty period of purchased collection.

03. Analytics

The websites of Ouro goldsmiths collect your data to improve the website.

This is done with Google Analytics. This information is anonymous and therefore is not bound by your personal information. Think of information such as the duration of your website visit or the pages you visit a lot.

All data is processed only with your express consent or in the performance of the agreements that are entered into, or because processing is necessary to get in touch with you about ongoing repairs, orders and orders.


03. Recipients

The data that Ouro goldsmiths receives and processes is managed by:

01. Jupa administration

Ouro goldsmiths use a Jupa customer administration. Every day, make this software a backup.

02. Vimexx hosting

The websites and backups of the websites are hosted at Vimexx Data you leave on the Website of Ouro goldsmiths or OuroJewels are stored on Vimexx’s servers.

The e-mail from Ouro goldsmiths and OuroJewels is hosted at Vimexx.. If you contact them via the forms or by email, those relevant emails will be stored on vimexx’s servers.

03. Mollie payment portal

Transactions in our webshop OuroJewels are provided by the Mollie payment portal. They take care of the Ideal link. Credit cards are accepted in the webshop and this data is stored.

04. Camera surveillance footage

In the store, Ouro goldsmiths uses camera security for your and our safety; These images are anonymous and not linked to people.

04. Storage period

Your data will be retained for a longer period of time by Ouro Goldsmiths, but never longer than necessary to carry out activities, unless we have to keep your data for longer under a legal regulation.

01. Customer administration

Our customer administration stores your contact details.
The storage of your data is indefinite.

02. Contact details

When you contact Ouro goldsmiths or OuroJewels via mail, that information you send along, such as your name and email address, will be stored on the mail server.
Those e-mails are stored up to two years ago.

03. Analytics

The data analytics collects on the websites is anonymous, so not connected to your name or email address.
This data is stored indefinitely within Google Analytics.

04. Camera footage

The camera images taken in the store are stored for up to 4 weeks.


05. Security

No physical copies are made of your personal data.

Your data is only managed in the aforementioned systems and software.
The website software is regularly replaced by the latest version to avoid any security risks.

The personal data managed by Ouro goldsmiths or by the aforementioned third parties can only be accessed through
software above and are password protected.

The devices that open your data are also locked with a password and are protected by a firewall and up to date virus security. The number of devices that have access to your data is limited to only the required devices.

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06. Your rights

01. Right to access

You have the right to request your data at all times that are recorded and stored at Ouro Goldsmiths. You do this by sending an email or contacting Ouro goldsmiths by phone. You will then receive an overview of your data.

02. Right to rectification

Your data doesn’t add up? Or have your data changed? You have the right to have this corrected by Ouro goldsmiths.

03. Right to delete data

Do you no longer want your data to be recorded at Ouro goldsmiths? Then you have the right to have your data erased.

03. Right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you feel that Ouro goldsmiths do not handle your data properly. This can be done via this link.

07. Duties

The data requested to provide is the minimum data required for the provision of the services or products. If this data is not provided, Ouro goldsmiths cannot offer the relevant service.

Your data will never be sold to third parties.

Ouro goldsmiths reserve the right to disclose the data when required by law or if Ouro Goldsmith considers this justified in complying with a legal request/process or to protect the rights, property or safety of Ouro goldsmiths.
In doing so, we always try to respect your right to privacy as much as possible.

Do you have any questions, do you? Feel free to contact us via the contact details below.

info@ouro.nl | +31(0)165 87 00 17
Raadhuisstraat 27-29 | 4701 PK | Roosendaal
Vat: NL8555268347B01 | KVK : 63511746